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Social Media Training – for the skeptical

Social Media Training
for the untrained, shy, hesitant and skeptical
(translation – farmers, ranchers, water managers and business people)

Last year, countless members of the California legislature watched what was trending on social media before voting on the ag overtime bill. Because farmers, business people and “upper generation” folks in general don’t use social media, no tweets or posts came and the legislators voted to pass the onerous overtime bill.

Learn how to use social media from the comfort of your office or pick-up truck
to help boost ag/business issues, show support or opposition to bills, regulations or other issues with legislators, politicians, regulators, special interest groups and the general public. It’s easy and can help make your voice heard in a state and nation over-run with tech-savvy special interest groups.

Or, just learn how to tell all your friends about your new dog.

February 1, 2017, Kern Ag Pavilion
8a.m. – 12 p.m. Lunch is provided
3300 E. Belle Terrace, Bakersfield

FREE but RSVP to info@wakc.com
(post this on social media if you can)


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Water Fact

It t will take about 11 trillion gallons of water — around 1.5 times the maximum volume of the largest U.S. reservoir — to recover from California’s continuing drought, according to NASA satellite data analysis.

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The Water Association of Kern County is embarking upon a new, stronger effort to educate the general public about water issues that effect Kern County. A newly designed website, videos, Facebook and Twitter are all methods that will be used as a way of reaching the public. Messages will be simple and clear and provide many sources of information about water so that citizens  and policy makers can become informed and be better decision makers. Learn More ▸

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