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Stewardship showcased in water management videos

Farmers throughout California are adopting more sustainable water management practices. The Pacific Institute has released five new case studies and four new video interviews, adding to their California Farm Water Success Stories series showing how agricultural water stewardship practices are at work on-the-ground, at the farm and irrigation-district level. Read more

Kern County Water Splash

Semitropic Water Storage District Solar Energy Project

Semitropic Water Storage District in Wasco, CA added a solar energy project to help district farmers lessen energy costs for pumping water. Here is a video with details of this energy-saving project.

The Ponds on Allen Road

Anyone who has ever driven down Allen Road near Brimall in Bakersfield has likely noticed a group of ponds to the west. This video about the Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage District explains what those ponds are and how they benefit the residents of the area.

The Beardsley Canal

The Beardsley Canal has run through Oildale for more than 100 years. But many residents don’t know what it’s used for and why it was built. Here’s a video about the Beardsley Canal.

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Water Fact

California relies on water from the Sierra Nevada snowpack , which melts to provide runoff to rivers and reservoirs. In normal years, melted snowpack typically supplies about 30 percent of the state’s water supply.

Join the Water Association of Kern County

Help support education, outreach and information about water issues in Kern County.

The Water Association of Kern County is embarking upon a new, stronger effort to educate the general public about water issues that effect Kern County. A newly designed website, videos, Facebook and Twitter are all methods that will be used as a way of reaching the public. Messages will be simple and clear and provide many sources of information about water so that citizens  and policy makers can become informed and be better decision makers. Learn More ▸

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