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Information and education on Kern County water issues

Water is the key ingredient to life in Kern County. Everything – from pizza parlors to beauty salons, oil pumps to pistachio farms – needs water to survive and thrive. A non-profit business association, The Water Association of Kern County’s mission is to inform and educate the public and water community about water issues in Kern County. Learn More ▸

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Water Fact

Water naturally seeks a chemical balance, or equilibrium. That means water flows from areas of higher water concentration to areas of lower water concentration to equalize the system. Water concentration inside a fish is higher than in the ocean because the ocean is so salty. As a result, most saltwater fish constantly lose water through their gills and skin.

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The Water Association of Kern County is embarking upon a new, stronger effort to educate the general public about water issues that effect Kern County. A newly designed website, videos, Facebook and Twitter are all methods that will be used as a way of reaching the public. Messages will be simple and clear and provide many sources of information about water so that citizens  and policy makers can become informed and be better decision makers. Learn More ▸

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